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Voice Disorders

Voice Disorder is a speech disorder that affects the ability of a person to speak normally. A voice disorder is present when there is a problem with the pitch, volume, tone and other vocal problems. This voice disorder appears when vocal cords don’t vibrate normally. The extra presence of air in the vocal cords leads to the disruptions in the voice box which leads to a disturbance in the voice. Voice disorder includes other disorders includes laryngitis, paralyzed vocal cords, and a nerve problem. There are a few symptoms to identify voice disorder like hoarseness, sound strained or choppy, pain or lump in the throat, quivering sound, weak, whispery, or breathy and many others. Many disorders can be cured with treatment and speech therapies. Voice therapy will help to improve the way to produce and get habituated with the voice. If you find any such symptoms, visit hearing solutions to attend therapy by a professional speech therapist.

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