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Swallowing Problems


Swallowing difficulty is an inability to swallow foods or any liquids with ease. Swallowing problem is quite common in both the adults and the children. Swallowing Disorder is also known as Dysphagia. It is a condition where the brain, nerves and other muscular valves are constrained to open the esophagus or avoid swallowing the food or liquids. Swallowing difficulties will lead to malnutrition and dehydration. It also leads to sudden weight loss. Swallowing disorder will allow the sticking of the food in the throat and the chest which leads to frequent Heartburn and formation of acid in the stomach, coughing gagging and many more. Difficulty in Swallowing can also lead to choking to the oesophagus which leads to pain in the throat.

Dysphagia is most common to the one who met with an accident or stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Esophageal strictures. A Speech Pathologist can treat the person by undertaking speech therapies, modifying the diet, strengthening the swallowing muscles, Performing certain swallowing strategies etc. Swallowing can weaken the child or adult if proper nutrition is not provided. If anyone of your dear ones faces such problem then you must look for an experienced speech therapist at Hearing Solutions.

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