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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is the assessment and treatment of communication problems and speech disorders. It is performed by speech language pathologists (slps), which are often reffered to as speech therapists. Speech therapy techniques are used to improve communication


Speech therapy includes 2 components


  1. Coordinating the mouth to produce sounds to form words and sentences (to address articulation, fluency, and voice volume regulations).
  2. Understanding and expressing language (to address the use of language through written, pictorial, body, sign forms, and the use of language through alternative communication systems such as social media, computer and i-pads). In addition, the role of slps in treating swallowing disorders as broaden to include all aspects of feeding.
Fluency Disorder-Sluttering & Cluttering
Articulation Disorder
Voice Disorder
Aphasia - Impaired Language
Swallowing Problems
Communcation Disorders

Speech and language problems can be treated by a therapeutic approach which will have a therapy plan with pre-set goals on a timely basis. It includes behavioural interventions, Computer Based Instructions, Alternative and Augmentative Communication. There are a number of different approaches and strategies for individuals with speech-language disorders. Interventions can vary along a continuum of naturalness, ranging from contrived or drill-based activities in a therapy room (clinician directed) to activities that model play or other everyday activities in more natural settings (child-centred), to those that use activities and settings that combine both approaches (hybrid). 

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