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Communication Disorders

Communication Disorders are the most common disorders found in children. A child will face a lot of difficulty in communicating with others. Such children will not be able to understand the sounds of the speech and always struggle with the word choice, word order and sentence structures. Communication disorder also includes Expressive Language Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder, and Autism. A communication disorder is not a mental retardation condition or any neurological disorder. Communication Disorders are because of gene problems,

environmental factors, inappropriate development of the brain, exposures to toxins, alcohols or drugs during pregnancy etc. A child with Communication disorder will face a lot of problem in speaking and understanding the languages, delay in expressing the emotions, Speech – sound distortion, lack of social communication, difficulty in grasping the names or any command etc. Such children will be referred to consult a Speech-Language Pathologist. All the emotional and behavioural problems will be taken care off by training the children to communicate well. To talk to a professional Speech Pathologist visit Hearing Solutions.

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